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BIO-PRE was born from the passion to provide healthy and effective solutions for growers and the entire food chain.

20 Years of genuine R&D on the ability of plants to grow on walls or rocks led Us to conclude that fertilizers alone do not represent the key for plants' growth.

Some natural and almost inorganic compounds as substances included in the list of organic, biodynamic U. E., can grow plants in a natural way and dynamic.

BIOPRE is a reputable producer able to provide R&D and solutions truly dedicated to farmers and growers their needs.

BIOPRE PRODUCTS completely differ from traditional fertilizer and defensive products existing on the market because they stimulate biodynamic activators and catalysts, resulting in bigger and healthier results.



  • Italian food quality begins here
  • 20 Years of R&D for sustainable food cultivation
  • Strengthening living beings to be healthier together
  • Certified excellence in production quantity and quality

Sustainable Strengthening

The sustainable strengthening philosophy of BIOPRE resides on the principle that the problem is not how to fight a parasite, but rather to identify and fight the cause of its virulence.

  • Strengthening plants
  • De-polluting the land
  • Preventing pests attacks


Our philosophy

Our philosophy has been always to research and produce organic and innovative solutions for a better and healthier world of intensive and local agriculture and fruit cultivation We pride to say that we support nature to produce excellent quantities with high levels of quality, respecting the balance of the universe and Mother Nature.

Our Mission

Our task is to seek, empower and exploit the inner biochemical organic processes of plants and fruits to sustainably enrich the entire food chain without risks for future generations.

Referenced academic tests

References we are proud to have undertaken over 70 independent academic be and laboratories tests on our discoveries and solutions to guarantee and sustain the production and quality needs of our clients.








We are unique

“Because our solutions comply perfectly with 2014 Eu regulations and DO NOT CONTAIN CHEMICALS Fully registered in EU as clean fertilizer”

Our Solutions

The third way of organic agriculture !


“University of Perugia
University of Parma e Piacenza e decine di test indipendenti sul campo provano i risultati”